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You have been steadily building your career and you now feel like you are at a crossroads. You are good at what you do, GREAT even. You have experienced some success but you know there is MORE calling you.

You recognize that you are ready for the next challenge and the next level in the kind of impact you have in your organization and in the world.

You want to be the kind of leader that goes beyond making a difference and become one that develops other leaders. 

The senior titles, perks and great salary package are nice but you have some of that & still feeling like something is missing.

So, how do you determine what direction to take and what is your next move?

How do you answer the call from inside you that keeps nudging you that you have way more in you than where you are now?

Have more questions than answers? 

This is where I come in!


Hi there, my name is Marsha

As the founder of the LeadHer Coaching Academy that has supported professional women, like you, to attain their next level of impact and income, I know that many of us have a unrelenting desire to BE, DO & HAVE MORE. I also know determining what that more looks like and how to achieve it, often requires support.

I spent just under 20 years in leadership with the Caribbean's leading chain of luxury included resorts. After averaging a promotion every 1.5 years in the first half of my career, I then became known as the "leader maker", as I coached scores of young professionals into multiple promotions & raises.

Now as a leadership consultant, I help women who are corporate managers improve their impact, increase their income, move from career to calling and move from leadership to legacy.

I believe now is the time for you to answer the more that is calling you!



The LeadHer Coaching Academy

Career To Calling Virtual Workshop 

Learn how to transition from or expand beyond career and into calling. Your 9 to 5 may be something you enjoy but you know you were designed for greater impact. Learn the critical steps to successfully create impact and income beyond your 9 to 5.



The Ultimate Career Acceleration Course

Learn the fundamentals and advanced strategies of advancing your career by positioning yourself as a leader who develops other leaders I drives results. Go at your own pace in this self-study course. Bonus coaching video replays included for additional learning.


Recession Ready - The Career Guide

Economic uncertainty often creates a sense of panic and worry. In the Recession Ready bundle, learn at your own pace and learn how to position yourself to thrive in economic downturn.



Fedeline Julien

"As a director that oversees multiple locations, I completed Marsha's career acceleration course to assess it's suitability to use as a leadership development team for my team and emerging leaders. I wish she had done this sooner. Anyone who has completed her program has shown measurable growth in their impact to the organisation, have been promoted and started pursuing goals that they had delayed. She has a gift for activating your leadership identity, vision and self belief."

Nakeisha Rolle-Harris

"I worked with Marsha just under 8 years. I became her client because I saw firsthand her professional impact & ability to help others grow, not just their careers but their own impact. Her leadership contributed to multiple promotions in under 4 years and my career continued to accelerate at an even faster pace after completing her program even after changing organisations!"


Heather McDonald

"As a human resources professional in senior management at the corporate level for an organisation that has multiple locations and thousands of team members, having worked with Marsha and seeing the content of her programs and courses, this young lady is providing the kind of leadership, coaching & mentorship that many organizations are missing today. Her program is a game changer  "

Antandra Hamilton

"Working under the leadership of Ms. Flemmings has changed who I am in so many ways. What I understand now about who I am, my ability to impact, the vision I create & how I lead has gorwn so significantly from working with her in corporate & through doing her program."