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  • Marsha Flemmings

I don’t know about you but I see the beginning 2020 coming like a train out of control straight at me…………….. ok so maybe I am being a little dramatic. The train isn’t out of control but it is coming.

For many people they haven’t quite come to the time of year yet where they start to think of what they shoulda coulda woulda done in 2019. The sting of regret of broken commitments (resolution by now just feels like a dirty word) to ourselves really starts to crescendo in December when we can’t ignore the new year that is dawning. That is also when we start to consider what commitments we would like to give a try again, but this time we will be more committed, more strategic, more focused and we just say all the right things to ourselves to convince ourselves that this new year WILL be THE year we get it all done. ………………… but c’mon and talk to your girl don’t you hear the little voice inside you that’s whispering the reminders of how many years you have committed to do the same thing and didn’t get very far?

The reason this happens is because we have already taught ourselves that we can’t trust ourselves. We have already established in our conditioning that we won’t go the distance with these new plans. We have already established deep in our brain that every new year we establish new resolutions, and if you are like many others, that before the sun has set on January our list of resolutions has given up the ghost.

I know, because I lived the same brain conditioning for years. Without ever having to revisit one of my journals/planners/diary I can tell you the first 6 things on that list every 1st of January, that is until 2017 but more on that in another post. I perpetually wanted to clear off all my debt, improve my daily spiritual practice, drop the last 20 pounds (add or subtract another 10 pounds).

While I completely understand the kind of energy that goes with starting fresh with a new year, new month or new week I also know that what shifted my life in the direction I want it to go is because I learned the power of now. Starting NOW!

I recognized that when I have a desire, establish the goal and lay out the plan it is in my best interest to start right away. In so doing, I am not conditioning myself to wait for a feeling. I am conditioning my brain that my dreams are urgent and also that if I happen to get distracted or “fall off”, I don’t need to wait to get going again. I can do it now!

So on that note, what could you start now?…………………. and before you start over thinking, or allowing your brain to make the excuses, remember this is the beginning of reconditioning. So as those thoughts of doubts, fear or laziness (no judgment. I’m just the messenger and let’s just say laziness and I are on a first name basis) creep in, take control of them and remind yourself that the focus is taking action NOW. If every day, in as many moments as you can remind yourself to take action now then you will find that momentum is steadily building and you are closer to your goals than before because you were not waiting for someday in the future.

May I help you get going?

Pick one. Maybe the one you are most passionate about and write it down. Be as specific as you can. Assign a by when date and time (yes that specific!). Assign exactly how much money, how much weight, how many times etc. Make it

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely


  • What are the first three steps you can take to move in the direction of your goal? It could be as simple as making a phone call to query something, or making a list of the people you need to reach out to, or setting your alarm. Just break it down and don’t over think it. You don’t have to know right now what comes after these 3 steps. Many of us forget that once we get into action things start to unfold that allows us to identify the next few steps we can take.
  • Who is one person you can call to celebrate small wins and the big wins too J. We don’t need too many people all up in our business and if you are an over sharer like I am you may be tempted to tell your entire family, group of friends and closest colleagues. One person that you know and trust is sufficient to ask them to help hold you accountable and celebrate with you.
  • What system can you setup for yourself to keep you moving forward and help keep you on track? Could you setup a series of alarms to get you up in the mornings? Could you schedule those meetings/calls in your planner? Whatever it is setup a system so you can see what you have accomplished and what is left to be done. It all ultimately is going to help keep you on track and not be just some thought you had about something you want to do.
  • Finally, stay committed. It is easy to give up if and when we go off course. Consider this though if you were walking home and fell in some mud. Would you just lay there in the mud, never move and accept that is your future forever and ever amen? Exactly! You would likely be frustrated or annoyed at the discomfort but you would still keep walking home. So don’t give up until you get home please.

My constant reminder for you will be that your life matters, it makes an impact and you get to choose what that impact is and the legacy it ultimately creates. Your life is your legacy. Live it well.




Marsha - The Leadership & Legacy Coach.