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Marsha, The Legacy Coach

Trained by the International Coaching Academy, Marsha is a Life Coach, Amazon Bestselling Author, Course Creator, Speaker, Mother and a former hospitality executive. A master in offering her audiences a shift in perspective and empowerment to own their lives, she lived a life that forced her to create the very thing she now challenges her audience to create; an intentional life of impact.

Marsha spent 19 years building a career in hospitality. Six of the last ten years in her previous career she led multiple persons on her team to win the resort's top award. She was, and continues to be, a master in recruiting and grooming winners and leaders. Though a respected leader she found herself desiring to help even more people win in their own lives but had to overcome her own internal struggles and fears. The birth of her son made living in her purpose a non negotiable. After confronting and owning her flaws and experiences:

  • Was the queen of procrastination
  • Set the same goals for over 8 years
  • Experienced early stage miscarriage and the accompanying emotional battles
  • Told she was denied opportunities because she started a family
  • Held poor relationship standards that led to failed relationships
  • Was completely disconnected from any daily spiritual practice
  • Lived with little sense of gratitude for years
  • Was perpetually crippled by self doubt
  • Experienced and overcame spiritual warfare

She recognised that the life we live becomes our legacy and far too many of us leave that legacy to chance and to what others think we can achieve.

She now specializes in empowering women and her audience to discover their purpose and use the power of intention to create a life that is impactful, meaningful and establishes a legacy that improves the lives of generations to come. Marsha exemplifies how an Intentional Woman lives and how such a woman practices impactful living in her relationships, money mindset, business and life. She believes if a woman can become intentional about her career, intentional about her relationships, intentional about her finances, intentional about her parenting and intentional about any area of her life, she will not only create a game plan for her life but would create a life that she desires.

Through the process of creating my life intentionally I realised that my life always offered the opportunity for me to build, create, impact help create a shift but it took me recognizing why my next level was non negotiable. That non negotiable was what my son would see as possible for his life. I wanted him to live believing in possibility, in his own God given power, in his God given ability, that he was created with a definite purpose and that his only limitation would be his mind. I became all those things I desire for him to see and be. I am proud of the person I am today, and you can be proud of you too. I can help with that.

-Marsha Flemmings

After helping so many others creating successes and wins in their lives and doing the same in her own life, she is committed to helping as many people as she can to create a game plan for their lives, live intentionally and walk in a clear vision.

Her mission is to use her own journey to help others take ownership of their lives, live with clear intentions for every aspect of their lives and support them in clarifying the vision they have of their lives.

As the Founder of Ripples of Legacy ®, her firm’s courses, events, and results-based coaching programs equip women to use their power of intention to create a fulfilled life with meaningful relationship

Her signature programs include Master Intentional Living - Create A Game Plan for Your Life & Impact Theory - The Legacy of Leading with Heart.

From her one-on-one coaching, group training events and workshops, many shift their relationships, careers, finances and life

She operates with the belief that “ for your life to make an impact and become what you desire it to be, you have to clear and intentional about creating it !”


After helping so many others creating successes and wins in their lives and doing the same in her own life, she is committed to helping as many people as she can to create a game plan for their lives, live intentionally and walk in a clear vision.

She has a distinct ability to cause audiences to take reflective and introspective looks and examine their purpose in life, in family, in business, in communities and help them clarify steps to take them from where they are to the desired outcome.

Keynote Speaking Topics
  • Mothers Manifesting Legacy
  • The Legacy of Leadership - Impacting Production and People
  • Your Diet is More Than Physical. It's Also Spiritual
  • Who Are You Without the Titles, Mother, Sister, Daughter or Friend
  • The Goal Is One Thing. Who You Need To Become To Get It Is The Main Thing.
  • Mommy Makeover - Becoming the Woman I Want My Children To Be Inspired By
  • Roadmap to Gratitude
  • Failing for the Win

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