Master Intentional Living

90 Days to Creating A Game Plan for Your Life

  • You are accomplished and well respected in your company/industry.
  • You have received multiple promotions/awards
  • You are called on for your expertise in your field
  • You have helped others excel in their careers
  • & you KNOOOOWWW there are young professionals coming up who have dreams of one day building the career you have

So then why won’t this feeling of being stuck, unfulfilled and fearful of the next step leave you alone? It has been years that you have been ignoring it, so it should be gone right?

I get it, I was
there. No matter what I had accomplished I knew there was something else I was
meant to be doing, value I was meant to be adding and people I was meant to be
helping but I had ignored the desire in me for so long that the dream felt like
it was dying inside of me. Until I had my son and this working mom had to decide
if I would keep doing the same thing and play it safe or build a life that shows
my son he can have, be and do what he puts his mind to.

So how did I
move from ignoring the dream inside of me for over six years, crippled by fear,
doubting I could do it, TO launching my own coaching practice, publishing my
first bestseller, get speaking engagements (with my largest audience being over
5, 000 people), mentoring dozens of young professionals and students all while
still being in that full time job before ending that 19 year career and being a
mother to the most energetic toddler?

The answer is
in my Mastering Intentional Living online Course. I invite you to join me in
this 90 days program to help you get to your next level.

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