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Letters of Love and Legacy: A Mother’s Tale of Her Journey to Her Son

In her first book, Letters of Love & Legacy: A Mother’s Tale of Her Journey To Her Son, author Marsha Flemmings uses her journey, the successes and missteps, to help reinforce to her readers that they are able to design and create their legacy. She invites readers to journal their own life experiences and share with their children, nieces, nephews and all little loved ones as she consistently reflects on how future generations can learn from the experiences of those before them.

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I met Marsha Flemmings in December of 2012 and I’ve always been amazed by her. As soon as I officially became a part of Marsha’s team I finally I had a manager that was young, successful in her field and cared about uplifting her team both young and old. I have a reserved personality (which really isn’t the best in that field). Marsha still saw something in me.

She has an ability to always see the best attributes in people and allow them to see that in themselves. Marsha coached me through my reluctance to return to school. She told me to pursue my dreams and go after my goals. She even accommodated me in ways that went beyond what i expected just to ensure I had access to a space to study. This is the type of person she is and has always been. She is the biggest cheerleader to anyone she comes in contact with. Marsha gave me the push I needed to get off of the small island I was on at the time and purse my dreams.

I will always credit her with that. Whatever I could imagine for myself and wanted for myself she wanted for me. She became a mentor. I value her coaching on both personal and professional matters. I know that anyone she encounters, as a coach, mentor, associate, leader or friend she can either help change their mindset or give them new ways to tackle a problem or look at a situation. I will never forget within a year of meeting her the honesty she gave to me and helped me see there was more I could be accomplishing. Who doesn’t need a person like this surrounding them and encouraging them to do their best in all things? Marsha makes things happen.

She will not settle for mediocre anything and she holds the people she surrounds herself with at the same standard. She makes me very proud to have her as an example to me. Marsha is the reason I have my degree, I didn’t sell myself short in relationships and she taught me the importance of writing EVERY SINGLE THING DOWN! It works! I am forever grateful to her. She plays a part in creating and developing the woman I am today!

- Raisa Romain

Working with Marsha Flemmings has been a life-changing experience for me. I met her during the kinetic post-graduate stage of my life. A time where not even a trolley full of compasses can point you north, where balancing a new career and the question of “what’s next” plays tug-of-war in your mind daily, and where coming into your own is an anxiety-riddled night’s drive down a dirt road with a faded map. In mere months under Marsha’s mentorship, I thrived. Where there was disillusionment, she gave me honesty. Where there was fear and uncertainty, she gave me guidance and encouragement.

Integrity, having a timeline, and being honest with myself were all valuable lessons she taught me. Several years later, I know that coaching and mentoring is her gift and it is one that I am extremely grateful for. If I had to choose one word that sums up her desire for others, it would be “legacy”. She selflessly desires to see others win, to be proud of their decisions and accomplishments, and to create a foundation of success and values that their progeny can be proud of. I highly recommend Marsha as a life coach and I can celebrate knowing that someone else can be elevated the way that I was.

- Sammarko Lightbourne


I rose to the top in the hospitality industry under Marsha’s leadership. Undoubtedly, she’s helped me to leapfrog from Success to Significance whilst creating my own legacy. Marsha’s winning philosophies, teachings, and resources are a must-have if you desire to create impact. She’s taught me how to make a difference in my life and others. Thankfully, I realized early on, that all I needed to do was to Model the Masters.

- Ricardo A. Newbold


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