About Us

How We Do What We Do

What is important to know about our company.

For us it’s really simple. We are here to help you decide and design the life and legacy that you want to build. Our programs and services are all geared towards helping you step away from feeling like you are in this life as a spectator or being what others want you to be and stepping into what is truly meaningful for you.

While you are with us we want you to know that

  • We are here because we want to help. Navigating this life can be tough sometimes and we just want to help you do it.
  • We believe in the golden rule and welcome those who do too. The world can always use a little more kindness
  • We are committed to your breakthrough. Though we are a business what is most meaningful to us is that we serve you well and your experience with us has value to you.
  • Our value system is high on integrity. So we have no hesitation in making things right when mistakes happen and being honest about it.
  • We understand that what we offer may not be for everyone and we know that’s ok. However those that connect with us and become a part of our tribe can know that we are here to support you 100%
  • We value you, your time and your trust in us

About The Legacy Coach

Marsha Flemmings

Marsha Flemmings built a career in the hospitality and travel industry that spanned eighteen years. Though halfway into that career she was the first to admit that it wasn’t her passion, she and those around her couldn’t deny her passion to help and serve others in pursuing their passion and attaining their goals. She led a record amount of her team to win top awards in the last half of her career and left a strong legacy in leadership.

Her conviction to continue to help lead and inspire others, especially young people led to her pursuit of becoming a Life Coach and launching her own company.

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